How to Improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Brand Exposure & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By far SEO is the best way to expose your brand name in front of a serious audience. SEO requires content marketing which basically means that you need to constantly create articles for a series of trending keywords relating to your industry.

There is a formula that you need to follow when you are creating your articles to make sure Google knows your article's main keywords. For example, your article's main keyword's density should be in-between 1-2%. Any number other than that results in lower search result rankings.

In addition to content, you need to organize your page HTML code and meta elements for Google & Social Media platforms to further gain their trust. For example, your primary keywords should be presented in your title element.

If you need to read more and improve on SEO you can use CreateAI's keyword analyzer. It provides you with detailed information on how your articles should be organized when it comes to SEO.

How many articles & how long?

The answer to that depends on how competitive your keywords are and if there is a way to target the same audience with a less competitive keyword while improving domain authority and building links. Not only you have to create multiple articles but you also need to create relevant articles with links back to the original article.

Therefore content marketing requires research, development, and integration. Create AI's Content Discovery Tool & SEO Tool has an Artificial Intelligence that does the research based on your targeted keywords and create and post articles on your blog. You just have log-in once a week to review your feed and approve and schedule your articles for broadcasting.

Two of our properties, and are two networks of content that have been completely built using CreateAI's Artificial Intelligence with minimum human supervision. This has resulted in generating thousands of backlinks and registrations.

Improve your SEO:

These are the steps we took that generated over 15,000 members in our database in less than 10 months.

Step1: Find your target keyword & anchor text

The first step is to figure out your website anchor text, basically, a trending keyword that people search and you would like to ultimately optimize for that keyword. Google Trends provides you with the most searched keyword terms and you can see if there is a market for your target keywords.

Step2: Create your account at

Create your account at and enter your website URL and anchor text on the setup page.

Step3: Book your free onboarding call!

CreateAI offers free onboarding calls when you first register. We import your design, set up your site keywords, create your display banners, and enable your content promotion automation so you can literally skip all the steps, and go live. We further set up a one-on-one meeting with one of our staff to train you on your control panel and to answer any questions you might have.

Here is the link to book your Free Onboarding call! 

Step4: Setup your site keywords

In this step, you need to set up a few keywords and tell CreateAI's Artificial Intelligence to start researching and creating content for your blog. To get started first search for your keywords, for example, "Toronto Realtor", and then add them to your site keyword as per the image below.

How to setup your site keywords

Step5: Setup automation

Once you have added your site keywords, you need to initiate the automation in your account settings. For that, you need to go to My Account > Account Settings and then inside that page open the option for "Automated Content Settings" and enable "Auto Blog Posting" as per the image below.

Implement content discovery automation

Step6: Start your free trial

Nothing works on CreateAI unless you start your free trial. To do so, click on the "Go Live" button and start your free trial as per the image below.

How to Go Live on CreateAI

Step7: Setup your URL

When you go live we ask for your final destination URL. To point your URL to your server, your need to update your DNS records. To find your server information click on "Account Settings" > "Domain Setting", and follow the instructions to point your URL to your CreateAI account. Please see the image below.

How to setup your display banners at CreateAI

How to setup your display banners at CreateAI

Step8 (optional): Import your design

Your account at comes with a default design ready to market your services. Often our clients want to integrate their own design within CreateAI's system and for that CreateAI has implemented a simple procedure that your developers can follow to import your design. To do so, please go to "My Account" > "Import Design" and follow the steps required as per the image below.

Start Your Project Today!

How to import your design into CreateAI

Step9: Setup your display banners

Display banners allow you to constantly advertise for your brand in your article. To set up your display banners you need to log into your account, from your dashboard menu click on "Display Banners" and follow the steps as per the image below.

How to setup your display banners at CreateAI

How to setup your display banners at CreateAI

Step10: Setup your social media accounts

CreateAI's Artificial Intelligence schedules and posts your articles on your behalf on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. To integrate your Social Media Accounts, you need to install and enable CreateAI's app on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. To do so, please go to "Home/Dashboard" > "My Blogs" > "Social Media Accounts" and enable your access as per the image below.

How to setup your social media accounts.

How to setup your social media accounts.

Step11: Enable your live URL

Now it is time to come out of testing mode and go live! To enable your live URL for social media posting click on "My Account" > "Account Settings" and under "Automated Content Settings" enable "Use Live Domain for Social Media Postings". Please see the image below.

How to setup your display banners at CreateAI

How to setup your display banners at CreateAI

Step12: Enable your feeds 

Now everything is ready and you should probably have some articles in your feed. To see your feed go to "Home/Dashboard" > "My Blogs" > "All Blogs" and "Enable" or "Disable" the blogs that AI has created for you as per the image below.

How to enable your feeds.

How to enable your feeds.

Step13: Schedule your articles manually

There are two ways to schedule your articles. You can either go to "Home/Dashboard" > "My Blogs" > "Schedules". Find your article then under each platform, for example, Twitter, first click on "Enable" and then select the date and time of when you would like CreateAI to post your article. Please see the image below.

How to schedule your articles on CreateAI

How to schedule your articles on CreateAI

Step14: Schedule all your articles at once.

Scheduling articles one by one could be a long task depending on the size of your feed. Some of our clients choose to log in once every two weeks and they have a huge feed to go through and schedule. So it could all of the sudden become a long task, and for that, CreateAI has a scheduler where you can schedule all your approved articles that haven't been posted yet at a certain time for each platform. To schedule them all, you need to go to "Home/Dashboard" > "My Blogs" > "Schedule All" as per the image below.

To schedule all your articles for social media posting at once.

To schedule all your articles for social media posting at once.

Last step to improve SEO

At this point, you have an Artificial Intelligence that takes care of your Re-search, creation, development, and broadcasting which is what requires on regular basis to optimize your brand for multiple keywords. You now need to log in to your account at CreateAI to enable and schedule your feeds! If you don't have an account you can create one using the registration form below!

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